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2005-12-07 09:58:00   Importancia: 784


Linux 5.3-rc5 Released Following A Calm Week

Linus Torvalds just issued the Linux 5.3-rc5 kernel test release as we are now just a few weeks out from the official Linux 5.3 kernel debut...
2019-08-18 23:56:14   466

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Linux Performance

Now that the new AMD Ryzen 3000 series are running great with the latest Linux distributions following prominent motherboard vendors issuing BIOS updates that correct the "RdRand" issue, we're moving on with looking at the performance of the rest of the Ryzen 3000 series line-up while having freshly re-tested the processors under Ubuntu 19.04. Up for exploration today is the AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, the six-core / 12-thread processor retailing for about $250 USD. 2019-08-18 20:46:52   715

Intel Tries Again To Auto Enable GuC/HuC Functionality For Their Linux Graphics Driver

Intel previously tried auto-enabling GuC and HuC functionality within their Linux kernel graphics driver but ended up reverting the support since the driver didn't gracefully handle the scenarios of missing/corrupt firmware files. The driver should now be more robust in such situations so they will try again for turning on the automatic behavior, possibly for the upcoming Linux 5.4 cycle... 2019-08-18 18:02:33   665

Knoppix 8.6 Released - This Original Linux Live Distro Now Based On Debian Buster

Knoppix 8.6 is out this weekend as the newest version for this one of the original Linux distributions supporting Live CD/DVD booting...
2019-08-18 06:12:34   569

Linux 5.3 Kernel Yielding The Best Performance Yet For AMD EPYC "Rome" CPU Performance

Among many different Linux/open-source benchmarks being worked on for the AMD EPYC "Rome" processors now that our initial launch benchmarks are out of the way are Linux distribution comparisons, checking out the BSD compatibility, and more. Some tests I wrapped up this weekend were seeing how recent Linux kernel releases perform on the AMD EPYC 7742 64-core / 128-thread processors... 2019-08-17 22:52:00   651

El cliente de Rust dejará de estar disponible para Linux. Habrá reembolsos
El cliente de Rust dejará de estar disponible para Linux. Habrá reembolsos

El cliente de Rust, un juego de supervivencia multijugador dejará pronto de tener una versión para Linux. En compensación ofrecerá reembolsos a aquellos que lo utilicen actualmente. En un artículo publicado en su blog explican que la versión Linux se transformó en un santuario de los tramposos. 2019-08-17 18:29:44   596  

System76 Unveils Their Firmware Manager Project For Graphically Updating Firmware

While most major hardware vendors have been adopting LVFS+Fwupd for firmware updating on Linux, Linux PC vendor System76 has notably been absent from the party for a variety of reasons. Today they announced their new Firmware Manager project that bridges the gap between their lack of LVFS support and their own hosted firmware service... 2019-08-17 16:30:16   482

Linux 5.4 To Expose What's Keeping The System Awake Via Sysfs

The next Linux kernel version will expose the real-time sources of what's keeping the system awake via Sysfs compared to existing source information that previously was only available via DebugFS... 2019-08-17 14:08:57   461

Wine 4.14 Released With The Latest Bits For Running Windows Games/Programs On Linux

Wine 4.14 was released earlier today as the newest bi-weekly point release for running Windows games and applications on Linux and other operating systems...
2019-08-17 03:11:54   672

Linux 5.4 Set To Remove Intel XScale IOP33X/IOP13XX CPU Support

Linux 5.4 is set to remove the Intel IOP33X and IOP13XX series of processors that are part of the company's former XScale product line for ARM-based CPUs...
2019-08-16 14:54:25   521

Radeon Software for Linux 19.30 Updated With Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Support

In addition to AMD releasing the Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 19.Q3 Linux driver, they also quietly released a new Radeon Software Linux driver release for consumer GPUs...
2019-08-16 13:34:45   796

Intel Volleys Another Batch Of Tiger Lake "Gen 12" Graphics Code

While it remains to be seen if Tiger Lake will be able to ship on time in 2020 as the Icelake successor, the "Gen 12" Xe Graphics continue to be worked on with the company's open-source Linux graphics driver... 2019-08-16 13:12:02   602

QEMU 4.1 Released With Many ARM, MIPS & x86 Additions

QEMU 4.1 is now out as one of the important pieces to the open-source Linux virtualization stack...
2019-08-16 13:03:03   482

Etnaviv Is Packing Code For An Exciting Linux 5.4 Cycle

While Freedreno and Panfrost have been steaming ahead when it comes to open-source, reverse-engineered graphics for Arm SoCs, the Etnaviv project for targeting Vivante graphics hasn't had too much to report on recently. Fortunately, that's changing as coming up for the Linux 5.4 cycle they have a lot of new code to introduce... 2019-08-16 12:33:43   556

Kdevops Aims To Assist In Linux Kernel Testing

Luis Chamberlain has announced the first release of Kdevops as a Linux kernel development "DevOps" framework...
2019-08-16 12:24:40   424

Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 Released

Based on last week's release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 is now Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 with many of the same changes...
2019-08-16 03:26:09   418

Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 19.Q3 for Linux Released

On Wednesday marked the release of AMD's Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise driver package for Windows and Linux...
2019-08-15 15:18:10   645

AMD Bulldozer/Jaguar CPUs Will No Longer Advertise RdRand Support Under Linux

Not directly related to the recent AMD Zen 2 BIOS update needed to fix an RdRand problem (though somewhat related in that the original systemd bug report for faulty AMD RdRand stems from these earlier CPUs), but AMD has now decided to no longer advertise RdRand support for Family 15h (Bulldozer) and Family 16h (Jaguar) processors under Linux... 2019-08-15 10:20:00   696

Oracle Is Working To Upstream More Of DTrace To The Linux Kernel & eBPF Implementation

While DTrace prospects for the Linux kernel are no longer viewed as magical or groundbreaking as they once were more than a decade ago, Oracle continues to work on its DTrace port to Linux and extending its reach beyond just their "Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel" for their RHEL-cloned Oracle Linux. Oracle now says they are working towards upstreaming more work as well as getting an eBPF-based implementation for the kernel... 2019-08-15 08:08:22   515

AMD Renoir Lands In Mesa's RadeonSI - Further Pointing To Vega, Not Navi

Last week AMD sent out their initial Linux graphics driver support for next-gen Renoir APUs. Those Linux kernel bits will land with AMDGPU in the upcoming Linux 5.4 cycle while the RadeonSI changes were merged today marking that OpenGL support as a new feature for the upcoming Mesa 19.2... 2019-08-15 01:55:49   632

Clear Linux Rolls Out Revamped Documentation

While Arch Linux remains the gold standard for quality Linux documentation, Intel's Clear Linux has rolled out a new documentation web-site to assist new/existing users in making use of this performance-optimized and security-oriented Linux operating system... 2019-08-14 23:12:15   395

EPEL 8.0 Is Now Ready To Offer Up More Packages To Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Users

EPEL 8.0 is now ready for users of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and the eventual CentOS 8 for complementing the standard repositories with extra packages for what is found in Fedora...
2019-08-14 19:29:00   590

Esta consola portátil rinde homebaje a la Game Boy, la montas tú mismo y está basada en Linux
Esta consola portátil rinde homebaje a la Game Boy, la montas tú mismo y está basada en Linux

Si tu consola portátil no te convence atento, porque la llamada GameShell de ClockworkPi es un dispositivo con un diseño muy familiar y que te invita a juguetear desde el primer momento: hasta tienes que montarla tú mismo, porque viene con todas las piezas por separado. La idea de la consola es la de ofrecer una plataforma abierta, ya que el diseño hardware es Open Source y está gobernada por Clockwork OS, un sistema operativo basado en Debian 9 y que también puedes adaptar a tus... 2019-08-14 17:01:02   506

Building The Default x86_64 Linux Kernel In Just 16 Seconds

It's now been one week since the launch of AMD's EPYC Rome processors with up to 64 cores / 128 threads per socket and better IPC uplift compared to their previous-generation parts. Rome has outperformed Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs in their class while offering better power efficiency and way better performance-per-dollar. One of my favorite metrics has been how quickly the new EPYC 7742 2P can build the Linux kernel... 2019-08-14 09:02:22   525

Reiser4 File-System Port Updated For The Linux 5.1 + Linux 5.2 Kernels

Up until today the newest Linux kernel version supported by the official Reiser4 out-of-tree file-system driver patch was Linux 5.0, but that has now changed with the belated Linux 5.1 kernel support arriving as well as a separate patch for Linux 5.2 kernel support... 2019-08-14 00:15:00   608

NVIDIA 435.17 Linux Beta Driver Adds Vulkan + OpenGL PRIME Render Offload

NVIDIA this morning introduced their 435 Linux driver series currently in beta form with the release of the 435.17 Linux build. With this new driver comes finally the best PRIME/multi-GPU support they have presented to date... 2019-08-13 23:43:40   878

Fedora Developers Discuss Ways To Improve Linux Interactivity In Low-Memory Situations

Similar to the recent upstream Linux kernel discussions over the poor Linux desktop experience when in memory pressure situations particularly with systems having limited amounts of RAM, Fedora developers are discussing ways to improve this experience as well... 2019-08-13 15:25:29   423

Oracle's Kernel Test Framework Might Be Added To The Linux Kernel Tree

Knut Omang of Oracle is working on integrating the Kernel Test Framework into the Linux kernel source tree/repository...
2019-08-13 14:12:24   438

Linux Finally Has A Fix For Crackling Audio Input On Recent AMD Systems

Queued now for Linux 5.3 and also marked for back-porting to existing kernel stable series is a fix to address distorted and crackling analog audio input that has affected AMD systems for at least the past two years with certain Realtek audio codecs... 2019-08-13 07:50:00   617

Intel's Linux Graphics Driver Developers Discover 3~20% Boost For Current-Gen Hardware

Last week was the Intel Gallium driver one line patch to boost performance by 1%. Today's code churn within Mesa for Intel's open-source Linux graphics drivers were larger but also with a more profound performance impact with some workloads now being faster by around 20%. Making this more exciting is that today's round of driver optimizations apply to the very common and mature "Gen 9" graphics hardware... 2019-08-13 04:42:16   730

Binance Official Trust Wallet lanza el cliente de escritorio MacOS

Trust Wallet, la billetera oficial de Binance, acaba de lanzar una aplicación de escritorio para macOS. Se espera que las plataformas Linux y Windows se lancen pronto también. Trust Wallet acaba de anunciar el lanzamiento de su versión de escritorio. Esta versión es específicamente para macOS con otros sistemas operativos, incluidos Windows y Linux, que [] La entrada Binance Official Trust Wallet lanza el cliente de escritorio MacOS se publicó primero en CriptoPasion . 2019-08-12 22:44:47   826

Linux y KDE en la producción de ‘Gemini Man’, la próxima película de Will Smith
Linux y KDE en la producción de ‘Gemini Man’, la próxima película de Will Smith

Este tipo de noticia es todo un clásico en MuyLinux, y es que nos gusta reconocer los éxitos del software libre en aquellas áreas en las que no parece tan común encontrarlo, aunque no lo hagamos tanto como podríamos. Pero[...] 2019-08-12 11:04:54   487

Linux 5.3-rc4 Released With A Week Of Fixes Plus SWAPGS "Grand Schemozzle" Code

Linus Torvalds just released Linux 5.3 release candidate 4 as the latest weekly test release for this new kernel version...
2019-08-11 23:18:49   509

Linux 4.4 & 4.9 Kernels Get Back-Ported SWAPGS Protection

Greg Kroah-Hartman issued the Linux 4.4.189 and Linux 4.9.189 LTS kernels on Sunday morning that address the new Spectre V1 "SWAPGS" variant mitigations...
2019-08-11 16:14:56   394

Linux Deprecating Wireless USB & Ultra Wideband Subsystems

The Linux 5.4 kernel will deprecate and mark as obsolete the Wireless USB (WUSB) and Ultra-wideband (UWB) subsystems within the kernel...
2019-08-11 15:11:25   429

Improved Fscrypt File Encryption Handling Aims For Linux 5.4

Fscrypt is the common Linux kernel framework leveraged by the likes of the EXT4, F2FS, and UBIFS file-systems for providing native encryption support. While that Fscrypt-based file encryption has been part of the kernel for several releases now, there's been some shortcomings in how the encryption keys are handled but that should be cleared up for the upcoming Linux 5.4 cycle... 2019-08-11 14:17:22   455

X.Org Server Gains Support For Auto-Binding Secondary GPUs To The Screen

Adding to the changes to find with the eventual X.Org Server 1.21 release is a change from Red Hat that has been carried by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora for years...
2019-08-11 03:30:25   468

A Third-Party Installer Allows Clear Linux To Run On Microsoft Windows WSL

For more than one year we've been hearing of Clear Linux working on Windows WSL support to allow for this performance-optimized Linux distribution to run within Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux. There isn't an official release yet, but at least now is a third-party installer/script for making it possible to setup such a configuration... 2019-08-10 21:44:09   977

AMD Sends Out Initial Linux Driver Support For "Renoir" APUs

AMD is striking well over the past month with their Linux hardware bring-up. In the past month we've seen the Navi 10/12/14 support get in order for Linux as well as support for the future Vega-based Arcturus GPU and now we see the initial enablement patches for their next-generation APUs, Renoir... 2019-08-09 18:31:43   773

Llega HarmonyOS: el sistema operativo open source de Huawei basado en el kernel de Linux
Llega HarmonyOS: el sistema operativo open source de Huawei basado en el kernel de Linux

Llevamos meses escuchando rumores sobre los planes de Huawei para lanzar su propio sistema operativo. Hoy se ha hecho oficial, ya que han presentado HarmonyOS : un sistema operativo preparado para funcionar en smartphones, ordenadores o automóviles . En un evento para desarrolladores que se acaba de celebrar, la compañía china ha comenzado a desvelar detalles sobre un sistema operativo que ha conseguido levantar bastante expectación. Afirman que uno de los puntos más interesantes de... 2019-08-09 12:08:22   684

F2FS Case-Insensitive Support Is Pending Ahead Of The Linux 5.4 Kernel

EXT4 set off the new trend for opt-in, per-directory case-insensitive file/folder support on Linux systems. EXT4 picked up that optional case-insensitive support for Linux 5.2 while the for Linux 5.4 kernel cycle the Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) is set to receive similar support... 2019-08-09 12:00:00   748

Ubuntu 19.10 ofrecerá soporte para ZFS en la raíz de manera experimental
Ubuntu 19.10 ofrecerá soporte para ZFS en la raíz de manera experimental

La relación de Ubuntu con ZFS siempre ha sido complicada. La licencia CDDL que utiliza el mencionado sistema de ficheros es incompatible con la GPLv2 de Linux, lo que fuerza a tener que distribuirlo por separado y sin vinculación oficial[...] 2019-08-09 10:48:35   567

Proton 4.11-2 Pulls In Newest DXVK While Fixing High Refresh Rates For Older Games

Following the big Proton 4.11 update for Valve's Steam Play that just arrived over one week ago, a second update to this Wine-derived software is now available for enhancing the Windows games on Linux experience... 2019-08-08 22:12:40   759

NVIDIA comienza a publicar documentación de hardware de GPU para ayudar a los controladores de código abierto(ENG)

Hoy es una locura para los usuarios de código abierto / Linux. Comencemos con las noticias inesperadas: ¡NVIDIA está lanzando más documentación de hardware de GPU por fin! Sí, documentación de interfaz de hardware disponible gratuitamente para ayudar en el desarrollo del controlador de código abierto NVIDIA Linux (Nouveau). 2019-08-08 23:43:34   958  

Summing Up The AMD EPYC 7742 2P Performance In One Graphic

If you didn't have a chance since last night to check out our benchmarks of the AMD EPYC 7742 and EPYC 7502 Linux performance, I certainly encourage you to do so. Even if you aren't a server enthusiast, it's incredible to see the engineering achievement of AMD with Zen 2 and how the race is certainly back on in the CPU space. If you are short on time, here's the quick summary of our initial AMD EPYC 7002 benchmark results... 2019-08-08 18:00:00   722

DistroTest, o cómo probar más de 200 distribuciones Linux directamente desde una ventana del navegador
DistroTest, o cómo probar más de 200 distribuciones Linux directamente desde una ventana del navegador

Si algo sabe cualquiera que haya querido probar Linux alguna vez, es que las opciones son tantas que a veces resultan abrumadoras. Distribuciones sobran y a veces no es fácil elegir la que más se adapte a nuestros gustos y necesidades. Esa misma abundancia de alternativas es una de las mejores y a la vez peores características de Linux, y es normal que muchos consigan hasta un pasatiempo en probar diferentes distros . Ahora, si no quieres pasar por el proceso de búsqueda, descarga, creación... 2019-08-08 17:01:38   517

Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Released - Switches To Using 19.04's Linux 5.0 HWE

Canonical has announced the immediate availability of Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS as the newest update to this long-term support series...
2019-08-08 16:14:47   566

Linux Journal se cierra, porque los usuarios tacaños de Linux no gastan dinero (eng)
Linux Journal se cierra, porque los usuarios tacaños de Linux no gastan dinero (eng)

Linux users are cheap as hell. Sorry, but it is largely the truth. I am not just talking about traditional Linux desktop users either, but Android users too. This is why iOS is so profitable despite its paltry market share compared to Android. iPhone users will actually buy apps, while Android users would rather look at ads than part with a measly dollar. Sadly, many people only choose Linux because it is free -- not because they prefer it. 2019-08-08 15:26:28   732  

La aplicación de Microsoft Teams para Linux está en camino
La aplicación de Microsoft Teams para Linux está en camino

Microsoft Teams para Linux podría hacerse realidad pronto, según se acaba de saber. Es decir, lo que se planeta es lanzar una aplicación de Microsoft Teams para Linux, única gran plataforma que aún no la tiene. Para quien no lo[...] 2019-08-08 12:38:23   735

Empresas con historia: Red Hat
Empresas con historia: Red Hat

La historia de Red Hat arranca como la de muchas otras empresas tecnológicas, de forma muy modesta. Nos situamos en el año 1992. Un joven Marc Ewing , apasionado de la informática y hacker aficionado, se «apunta» al movimiento Linux (recordemos que Linus Torvalds presentó la versión 0.01 de Linux en septiembre de 1991) distribuyendo [] La entrada Empresas con historia: Red Hat aparece primero en MuyComputerPRO . 2019-08-08 12:20:19   460