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07-12-2005 09:58:00   Importancia: 807

Microsoft publica Teams para Linux ¿Está en camino una Office para Linux?
Microsoft publica Teams para Linux ¿Está en camino una Office para Linux?

Microsoft ha publicado una versión precia del Teams para Linux, según adelantan nuestros compañeros de muylinux. Más allá de competir mejor en servicios de comunicaciones con Slack, la versión destaca por ser la primera aplicación de la suite Office lanzada para el sistema libre. Ello está dando pie a múltiples especulaciones y a una gran [] La entrada Microsoft publica Teams para Linux ¿Está en camino una Office para Linux? aparece primero en MuyComputerPRO . 12-12-2019 00:03:48   677

Windows Subsystem For Linux Performance At The End Of 2019

Recently I wrapped up some benchmarks looking at the performance of Ubuntu on Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux comparing WSL on Windows 10 Build 18362 (May 2019 Update) and then both WSL and WSL2 performance using the Windows 10 Build 19008 Insider's Preview (what will come as Windows 10 20H1 update) for looking at where the WSL performance is heading. Additionally, looking at the bare metal performance of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS for which the WSL instances were based plus Ubuntu... 11-12-2019 21:33:31   1381

DXVK Reportedly Going Into "Maintenance Mode" Due To State Of Code-Base

While DXVK tends to be much-loved by Linux gamers for allowing more Direct3D 10/11 Windows games to run nicely on Linux with Wine or Proton (Steam Play) thanks to its fairly complete translation of D3D10/D3D11 API calls to Vulkan, it looks like Philip Rebohle is at least contemplating shifting it just into maintenance-mode... 11-12-2019 21:33:31   1378

The Most Popular Linux / Open-Source News Of This Decade

With 2019 and in turn this decade quickly drawing to a close, here is a look back at the most popular open-source/Linux news on Phoronix from 2010 to present. So far this decade on Phoronix has been 27,840 original news articles pertaining to Linux/open-source/hardware... 11-12-2019 10:39:29   482

Microsoft Teams llega a Linux, y eso plantea la disponibilidad (al fin) de Office en este sistema operativo
Microsoft Teams llega a Linux, y eso plantea la disponibilidad (al fin) de Office en este sistema operativo

Los usuarios de Linux llevan años contando con soluciones solventes en el ámbito de la ofimática. LibreOffice y OpenOffice son dos de las suites más extendidas, pero lo cierto es que en muchos ámbitos la compatibilidad con Microsoft Office no es perfecta , y la suite de Microsoft jamás ha estado disponible en Linux de forma nativa. Eso podría cambiar en el futuro, porque Microsoft acaba de publicar la primera aplicación de su suite ofimática para Linux. Se trata de Microsoft Teams, su... 11-12-2019 10:01:18   893

Microsoft Teams llega a Linux, y pasa a ser la primera aplicación de Office en la plataforma
Microsoft Teams llega a Linux, y pasa a ser la primera aplicación de Office en la plataforma

Durante los últimos meses (y años) hemos hablado mucho del compromiso de Microsoft con Linux y con el software de código abierto. Es algo controvertido, pues hay personas que piensan que se debe a un cambio radical y positivo en el seno de la compañía de Redmond, mientras que otra vertiente defiende que solo lo hacen por mero interés comercial. Sea como fuere, Microsoft ha dado otro paso más en esa dirección, y ha lanzado Microsoft Team en Linux , que se convierte en la primera aplicación... 11-12-2019 10:00:39   800

Ya puedes probar la aplicación de Microsoft Teams para Linux
Ya puedes probar la aplicación de Microsoft Teams para Linux

Se sabía desde hace unos meses y se acaba de cumplir: Microsoft Teams para Linux es un hecho. Un hecho relevante, además, pues se trata de «la primera aplicación de Microsoft 365 que llega a los escritorios de Linux», informa[...] 11-12-2019 09:46:21   590

Microsoft Teams se convierte en la primera app Office para Linux
Microsoft Teams se convierte en la primera app Office para Linux

Microsoft sorprendió hoy lanzando una versión preliminar pública de Microsoft Teams para Linux. Así se convierte en la primera app Office que llega a Linux. Microsoft Teams es una herramienta colaborativa para grupos que forma parte del ecosistema de Office 365, que se ha postulado como una competencia interesante para Slack, Hangouts Chat o Workplace. Continúa leyendo » 11-12-2019 02:00:59   641

CrossOver 19.0 Released - Ending Out 2019 With Better Microsoft Office Support On Linux

CodeWeavers has announced the availability of CrossOver 19 for their Wine-based software for running Windows programs/applications/games on macOS and Linux...
10-12-2019 18:42:56   860

Microsoft Teams Is Now Available For Linux In Public Preview Form

Back in September we learned that Microsoft was bringing their Microsoft Teams software to Linux and today it has entered a public preview state...
10-12-2019 18:35:50   463

Mesa 19.3 Is Introducing A Lot Of Open-Source OpenGL + Vulkan Driver Improvements

Mesa 19.3 could be released as soon as this week after being challenged by several delays over blocker bugs. This release should be making it out in the days ahead and is a fantastic Christmas gift to Linux desktop users and a big step-up for these OpenGL / Vulkan driver implementations as we end out 2019. 11-12-2019 08:33:36   1021

Radeon OpenGL Linux Driver Gets Fix For Corruption Issues

An issue affecting some Linux users with Radeon graphics for at least the last four months around graphics corruption problems when switching to newer versions of the Linux kernel have been resolved... 10-12-2019 13:23:47   640

Unisoc Looking To Introduce A New DRM Display Driver For Mainline Linux

Unisoc, the Chinese SoC provider for smartphones that is part of the Tsinghua Unigroup, has published a new open-source DRM display driver that ultimately they are looking to get into the mainline kernel... 10-12-2019 13:12:15   598

ChamferWM Still Appears To Be The Most Capable Vulkan-Powered X11 Tiling Window Manager

While we are approaching 2020 and the four year anniversary since the Vulkan 1.0 launch, one aspect that has been a bit disappointing has been the lack of not seeing quicker uptake by various Linux window managers / compositors in at least offering a Vulkan code path. One of the best examples of a Vulkan-powered compositor with that has been the independent ChamferWM... 10-12-2019 09:27:12   691

Intel Jasper Lake Support Added To Mesa 20.0 OpenGL / Vulkan Drivers

With Intel Jasper Lake graphics support making it as one of the prominent hardware support additions for Linux 5.5, the user-space OpenGL/Vulkan driver support is now found within Mesa 20.0-devel...
10-12-2019 14:36:07   1015

Cómo instalar Firefox ESR en Ubuntu y derivadas
Cómo instalar Firefox ESR en Ubuntu y derivadas

Seguimos hablando de cómo instalar Firefox, por más extraño que suene dedicarle tiempo a algo así cuando el navegador de Mozilla está preinstalado de manera predeterminada en prácticamente cualquier distribución Linux de escritorio. Pero es que aún hay cosas que[...] 10-12-2019 14:36:07   919

Andrey Konovalov dio a conocer otros 15 errores mas en los controladores USB del Kernel de Linux
Andrey Konovalov dio a conocer otros 15 errores mas en los controladores USB del Kernel de Linux

Andrey Konovalov un investigador de seguridad de Google publicó hace poco un informe sobre la identificación de 15 vulnerabilidades (CVE-2019-19523 CVE-2019-19537) en los controladores USB que se ofrecen en el kernel de Linux. Esta es la tercera parte de los problemas encontrados durante las pruebas fuzzing de la pila USB en el paquete syzkaller que anteriormente, este investigador ya había informado de 29 vulnerabilidades y de las cuales ya habíamos comentado aquí en el blog. 09-12-2019 22:27:52   500  

Canonical's Multipass 0.9 Released For Easily Spinning Up Ubuntu VMs

Multipass, the Canonical-led open-source project that aims to make it easy to spin up Ubuntu VM instances on Linux and Windows and macOS, is up to version 0.9 ahead of a possible 1.0 release for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS... 09-12-2019 23:34:47   1189

Clear Linux On The OnLogic Karbon 700 Boosted Performance By 13% Over Ubuntu With 141 Benchmarks

Last month we reviewed the OnLogic Karbon 700 as a passively-cooled, industrial-grade PC powered by an eight-core / sixteen-thread Intel Xeon, 16GB of RAM, 512GB NVMe storage, and a plethora of connectivity options in suiting to industrial use-cases. The performance was great and even the thermal performance was very good for being a fan-less PC. In seeing how well other Linux distributions were panning out on the Karbon 700, I tested five popular Linux distributions on the Xeon Coffee Lake... 10-12-2019 00:46:07   1127

WireGuard Lands In Net-Next While It Waits For Inclusion In Linux 5.6

The WireGuard secure VPN tunnel kernel code has landed in net-next! This means that -- barring any major issues coming to light that would lead to a revert -- WireGuard will finally reach the mainline kernel with the Linux 5.6 cycle kicking off in late January or early February!.. 09-12-2019 13:38:09   673

ADriConf GUI Control Panel Support For Mesa Vulkan Drivers Is Brought Up

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from Linux gamers running open-source GPU drivers is over the lack of the hardware vendors supporting any feature-rich control panels like they do on Windows. There are many Linux driver tunables exposed by these open-source graphics drivers, but often they can only be manipulated via command-line options, environment variables, boot parameters, and other less than straight-forward means especially for recent converts from Windows and other novice... 09-12-2019 23:34:47   1254

Facebook's New Linux Slab Memory Controller Saving 30~40%+ Of Memory, Less Fragmentation

Back in September we wrote about Facebook's Roman Gushchin working on a new slab memory controller/allocator implementation that in turn could provide better memory utilization and less slab memory usage. This wasn't ready in time for the 5.5 kernel but a revised patch series was sent out last week... 09-12-2019 13:21:21   499

Fedora Prepares To Roll-Out Linux 5.4 Kernel Update But Needs Help Testing

Fedora users eager to see the Linux 5.4 stable kernel can engage by helping to test their newly-spun 5.4-based kernel image prior to it officially landing as a stable release update...
09-12-2019 13:10:47   605

Linus Rejects "Size Of Member" Change From Linux 5.5 Kernel

This weekend was the last-minute pull request by Google's Kees Cook to introduce the new sizeof_member() macro that had been previously rejected from Linux 5.4. Well, it was again rejected by Linus Torvalds prior to tagging the Linux 5.5-rc1 kernel... 09-12-2019 10:18:57   660

WireGuard Sends Out Latest Patch Revision In Preparing For Linux 5.6

While there are some pretty great features for Linux 5.5, one that didn't make it quite in time was the long-awaited introduction of WireGuard as the in-kernel secure VPN tunnel. While it was a bummer it didn't make 5.5, all indications are at this point is that it will be in Linux 5.6... 09-12-2019 06:11:43   696

Linux 5.5-rc1 Kernel Released With 12,500+ Commits

Linus Torvalds has just issued the first release candidate of the Linux 5.5 cycle following the traditional two week long merge window...
09-12-2019 00:55:27   464

Linux 5.5 Feature Overview - Raspberry Pi 4 To New Graphics Capabilities To KUnit

Linux 5.5-rc1 is on the way to mirrors and with that the Linux 5.5 merge window is now over. Here is a look at the lengthy set of changes and new features for this next Linux kernel that will debut as stable in early 2020. 09-12-2019 00:39:22   656

PING: KNOPPIX, Tails, LibreELEC, Linux Mint, systemd, Phoronix Test Suite…
PING: KNOPPIX, Tails, LibreELEC, Linux Mint, systemd, Phoronix Test Suite…

¿Buscando algo que hacer este domingo dominguero? En este PING encontrarás alguna idea, muy probablemente relacionada con probar alguna distro o aplicación que acaba de salir para Linux, aunque antes te recordamos que el lanzamiento de la semana fue elementary[...] 08-12-2019 20:24:56   446

Unified sizeof_member() Re-Proposed For Linux 5.5

After not being merged for Linux 5.4, the new sizeof_member() macro as a unified means of calculating the size of a member of a struct has been volleyed for Linux 5.5 for possible inclusion on this last day of the merge window... 08-12-2019 16:36:14   410

CentOS 6 Through CentOS 8 Benchmarks On Intel Xeon

Complementing the CentOS 8 benchmarks I did following the release of that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 rebuild in late September, here are tests going back further for showing the performance of CentOS 6, CentOS 7, and CentOS 8 all benchmarked from the same Intel Xeon Scalable server. These tests were done about a month ago albeit with all the hardware launches, new child, and other factors, only now getting to posting the data. 07-12-2019 18:00:00   699

elementary OS 5.1 ya está disponible y llega repleto de novedades
elementary OS 5.1 ya está disponible y llega repleto de novedades

Tras más de un año de trabajo ya está disponible elementary OS 5.1 con nombre en clave Hera, una nueva versión mayor del escritorio Linux que aspiraba a ser Mac, pero también de uno de los proyectos que más han avivado la escena en los últimos tiempos, si bien su lento desarrollo siempre nos deja con ganas [] 07-12-2019 13:28:23   753

Linux 5.5 KVM Adds POWER Support For Secure Guests/VMs

IBM's work from over a year ago in working towards secure virtual machines on POWER hardware is finally coming to fruition with Linux 5.5 due out early next year...
07-12-2019 11:25:59   494

Mesa 20.0 Now Includes Intel's Gallium3D Driver To Build By Default

As part of the ongoing effort for Intel's plans to use their new Gallium3D OpenGL Linux driver by default on next quarter's Mesa 20.0 for Broadwell "Gen8" graphics and newer, another step in that direction was achieved on Friday... 07-12-2019 18:33:53   937

Linux 5.5 Adds NFS Client Support For Cross-Device Offloaded Copies (Server To Server)

With NFSv4.2 is the server-side copy (SSC) functionality with the Linux 5.5 kernel's NFS client-side support for that support in allowing "inter" copy offloads between different NFS servers... 07-12-2019 06:59:04   645

GRUB Now Supports Btrfs 3/4-Copy RAID1 Profiles (RAID1C3 / RAID1C4 On Linux 5.5+)

When it comes to the storage/file-system changes with the in-development Linux 5.5 kernel one of the most prominent end-user-facing changes is more robust RAID1 for Btrfs with the ability to have three or four copies of the data rather than just two copies, should data safety be of utmost importance and concerned over the possibility of two disks in an array failing... 07-12-2019 06:02:13   546

Una vulnerabilidad permite secuestrar las conexiones VPN en Linux
Una vulnerabilidad permite secuestrar las conexiones VPN en Linux

Un equipo de investigadores de ciberseguridad de Breakpointing, ha revelado una vulnerabilidad grave en VPN que afecta a la mayoría de los sistemas operativos Linux y Unix, incluidos FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS, iOS y Android. La vulnerabilidad ha sido etiquetada como CVE-2019-14899 y permitiría potencialmente secuestrar las conexiones VPN en Linux. Un atacante podría espiar y [] La entrada Una vulnerabilidad permite secuestrar las conexiones VPN en Linux aparece primero en MuyComputerPRO . 07-12-2019 00:03:56   431

Disney+ ya funciona en Linux, o al menos eso parece
Disney+ ya funciona en Linux, o al menos eso parece

Disney+ está llamado a ser el nuevo gigante del streaming gracias a que tiene detrás al mayor productor de contenidos audiovisuales del mundo, sin embargo, los usuarios de GNU/Linux no podían utilizarlo debido a que el DRM introducido en las[...] 06-12-2019 19:31:19   682

RadeonSI NIR Benchmarks Show Great Progress With Mesa 20.0

With AMD last week having enabled OpenGL 4.6 for their RadeonSI OpenGL Linux driver when enabling the NIR intermediate representation support, you may be wondering how using NIR is stacking up these days compared to the default TGSI route. Here are some benchmarks on Polaris, Vega, and Navi for comparing this driver option that ultimately allows OpenGL 4.6 to be flipped on. 07-12-2019 08:35:38   974

A General Notification Queue Was Pushed Back From Linux 5.5 Introduction

Red Hat has been working on a "general notification queue" that is built off the Linux kernel's pipe code and will notify the user-space of events like key/keyring changes, block layer events like disk errors, USB attach/remove events, and other notifications without user-space having to continually poll kernel interfaces. This general notification queue was proposed for Linux 5.5 but has been pushed back to at least 5.6... 06-12-2019 12:26:01   520

NVIDIA quiere ampliar su colaboración con Linux y Nouveau
NVIDIA quiere ampliar su colaboración con Linux y Nouveau

Aunque la situación apenas ha cambiado desde que Linus Torvalds le dedicase su famoso fuck you! a NVIDIA, en las últimas fechas han habido cierto movimientos por parte del gigante de los gráficos que podrían materializarse en algo más consiste[...] 06-12-2019 12:08:11   714

Linux 5.5 Lands Broadcom BCM2711 / Raspberry Pi 4 Bits

Following last week's Arm architecture updates for Linux 5.5, sent in via four pull requests on Thursday was all the new and improved hardware enablement for the SoCs and single-board computer platforms... 06-12-2019 06:06:40   634

Epic Games dona 25.000 dólares a Lutris, la plataforma para ejecutar juegos de Windows en Linux
Epic Games dona 25.000 dólares a Lutris, la plataforma para ejecutar juegos de Windows en Linux

Lutris, la conocida plataforma orientada a facilitar la ejecución de videojuegos de Windows en GNU/Linux, ha recibido una de donación de 25.000 dólares procedentes de Epic Games, la compañía tras la Epic Games Store y el motor gráfico Unreal Engine.[...] 05-12-2019 21:36:07   1359

Purism Announces Librem 5 "USA" Model For $1999 USD

Purism announced today a Librem 5 USA model of their smartphone that has the same specifications and features of their Librem 5 Linux smartphone but manufactured in the US. That pushes the 720x1440 display, i.MX8M, 3GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, 802.11n device from $699 USD to $1,199 USD. Update: Errr the price was raised now apparently to $1999 USD... 05-12-2019 17:56:00   699

Libinput 1.15 Is On Approach With Various Improvements/Fixes For Linux Input Handling

Peter Hutterer has been preparing libinput 1.15 as the next update to this open-source input handling library used by Linux systems both on X.Org and Wayland...
05-12-2019 12:39:41   567

F2FS File-System Gets More Fixes With Linux 5.5

The Flash-Friendly File-System continues to be refined and with the forthcoming Linux 5.5 kernel are more improvements albeit largely bug fixes...
05-12-2019 08:03:29   557

Firefox 71 Linux Performance Isn't Looking All That Great

With each new release of Firefox we set out to see how the performance is looking on the Linux desktop. One discovery we've made is that when using Intel's Clear Linux the Firefox performance is a lot more competitive to Google Chrome than we traditionally see on Ubuntu Linux. But with Firefox 71 we're seeing the performance trending lower compared to Firefox 69 and 70... 05-12-2019 14:37:04   1347

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER Linux Performance

For those looking to spend less than $200 USD on a graphics card, the recently launched NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER offers great value starting at $159 USD and working well with the NVIDIA Linux driver for providing decent 1080p Linux gaming performance as well as OpenCL / CUDA support. Here are benchmarks of the GTX 1650 SUPER alongside a total of 18 lower-end/mid-range AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards on Ubuntu Linux. 05-12-2019 00:36:56   1034

Linux 5.5 Begins Plumbing Secure Boot Infrastructure For POWER9

With the PowerPC changes for the Linux 5.5 kernel comes the initial infrastructure work on preparing to be able to handle a Secure Boot implementation for POWER9 hardware...
04-12-2019 10:42:29   466

Linux 5.5 Provides Knob To Toggle ASPM Link States Individually - Better Power-Savings

ASPM can be a big boost to help power-savings on Linux laptops and desktops as shown by a prominent kernel regression a number of years ago. However, a number of Linux drivers are forced to disable Active State Power Management (ASPM) due to quirky/buggy hardware where it ends up not being sane to enable that power-saving feature by default. But with the Linux 5.5 kernel is support for toggling ASPM link states via sysfs as an easy-to-perform manner for achieving better power-savings with... 04-12-2019 08:18:15   584

AMDGPU Fixes For Linux 5.5 Include AMDKFD For PowerPC, Fix For Old ATI R100/R200 GPUs

Following last week's big batch of DRM graphics driver updates for the Linux 5.5 merge window, AMD and the community engaging in Linux 5.5 testing have now sent in their first round of fixes for this next version of the Linux kernel... 04-12-2019 01:00:52   656